Shapes and Textures Dispensers

These dispensers are born from recycled glass jars and different textures and shapes of colorful polymer clay. After laying the clay on the glass, it is cured in an oven.

Stands about 8" tall, including pump. Holds about 9oz.

I am inspired by traditional craftsmanship, nostalgic and modern art. I enjoy recreating the dimensional surfaces of ceramics, paper and textiles with colorful and whimsical designs. But of course, my first inspiration comes from the shape and size of the jar... typically destined for the trash can... but given a second life as a useful item.

These dispensers can be used for either soap or lotion in either the bathroom, kitchen, or on the nightstand for that last bit of moisturizing of the day. It currently comes in five colors, brown, orange, yellow-gold, teal and green.